Image Gently poster

The Image Gently program provides information on how to reduce dose to pediatric patients.

The most referenced appropriateness criteria are developed and published by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Recently developed social media campaigns in the US such as Image Wisely and Image Gently are seeking to inform consumers and professionals about the potential to overuse medical imaging. Image Gently is focused on pediatric patients and their message is specific to radiation dose. They seek to inform imaging centres about the potential to use more radiation dose than required on pediatric patients. A very important paper was recently published by one of the founders of Image Gently, Marilyn Goske, MD., and for the first time specific Dose Reference Ranges (DRRs) are provided for pediatric patients, and a very useful metric for downsizing radiation dose is given for those centres who seek to understand the magnitude of the dose reduction necessary for pediatric CT images. Image Gently also provides parents with a helpful tip sheet to use when your child needs imaging.

These campaigns have drawn up lists of the most important questions to ask your physician and have prioritized many overused imaging tests to create awareness. Recently, the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) has begun promoting a campaign “Choosing Wisely Canada” with a focus similar to that of Choosing Wisely. Helpful advice for Canadians faced with imaging decisions can be found on their website, including information on imaging for lower back pain.

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