Automated CT Radiation Dose Tracking at St. Michael’s Hospital

Automated dose tracking software, like the Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform (REP), is a tool that is helping us optimize radiation dose and institute quality control and quality improvement at the clinical level. It is more efficient than using spreadsheets and constantly reanalyzing dose. The software can filter in many ways (i.e. operator, protocol, equipment) allowing for a variety of different metrics to be tracked.

Given that no level of radiation exposure can be considered completely safe, establishment of diagnostic reference levels and monitoring of CT exposure is necessary to ensure patients receive radiation doses As Low As Reasonably Achievable (the ALARA principle). The technical parameters that affect CT radiation exposure are dictated by the particular hardware and software of the CT scanner and the protocol used. CT protocols describe how the scan is to be conducted, for instance, what area of the patient’s body in to be scanned and specific technical parameters all of which contribute to radiation dose. The REP provides medical imaging staff a faster, more efficient platform for monitoring radiation dose for specific protocols. In so doing, local diagnostic reference levels (LDRLs) can be generated to track optimization strategies.