CT scanner console

Welcome to St. Michael’s Hospital Centre of Excellence in Medical Imaging. Our mission is to provide and promote evidence-based quality improvement in medical imaging. This includes initiatives to improve patient safety and the efficacy of diagnostic imaging. For St. Michael’s “excellence” in medical imaging is synonymous with “quality.” We are focused on demonstrating the importance of using scientific evidence to improve patient safety and the quality of our imaging studies. We use proven quality improvement methodologies to implement evidence-based solutions.

Our flagship project is the Medical Imaging and Metadata Radiation Registry of Ontario (MIMRRO). MIMRRO’s initial focus is on establishing the methodologies for providing evidence of “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) to support institutions that are working to bring down the variability in radiation dose for routine computed tomography (CT) diagnostic imaging. We plan to accomplish this by establishing benchmark doses that can be used in lieu of national CT radiation dose reference levels (DRLs). National DRLs have been in effect in the United Kingdom (UK) since the mid-1990’s and have proven effective in bringing about the lowest recorded radiation dose for CT. Due to the UK regulations that also include providing “justification” for use of medical imaging that uses ionizing radiation, countries in the UK have some of the lowest rates of advanced medical imaging. See our Resources section for more information.