The term “Excellence” for St. Michael’s Medical Imaging is synonymous with “Quality.” The primary focus of our program efforts is to improve the quality of medical imaging. Quality improvement is never a done deal–it is an ongoing process. Our initial focus in the Centre of Excellence is to use the latest informatics tools in radiology to capture the “metadata” associated with computed tomography diagnostic imaging and use this information to optimize the radiation dose our patients receive for routine examinations. PDSA

This program has been underway since 2010 when we installed automatic dose tracking software. The program we use, Radimetrics from Bayer HealthCare, provides us with a variety of methods for filtering our imaging radiation doses so we can ensure that the radiation is dose is fully optimized for each and ever patient. At St. Michael’s we follow a process referred to as Plan-Do-Study-Act or “PDSA” to implement continuous quality improvement. PDSA cycles lend themselves well to our current primary focus on optimizing radiation dose. Use of automated dose tracking software allows us to continuously analyze and select targets for optimizing dose.

We are currently working on a program to translate what we’ve learned about the methodologies associated with QI for radiation dose and make them widely available to members of the MIMRRO patient radiation dose registry.